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英文口試 (急)


1.Where were you last night? what did you do?

答:我昨天在家裡 我在看電視

2.How often do you brush your teeth? Do you visit your dentist?

答: 一天刷牙兩次 半年看一次牙醫

3.Do you do housework at home? What is your most favorite and least favorite housework?

答:沒有 我最喜歡掃地最不喜歡洗碗

4.How many rooms do you have at home? Do you have your own bedroom?

答:有3間房間 我在家裡 我有自己的房間

5.What is your favorite pastime? Why do you like it?

答:我最喜歡打籃球 因為可以讓身體健康

6.Do you like to play video games? Why or why not?

答:我喜歡玩遊戲 因為可以打發時間

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    1. I was at home yesterday. I was watching television (TV).

    2. I brush my teeth twice a day. I go to dentist every half year.

    3. No. My favorite housework is sweeping. My least favorite housework is dish washing.

    4. There are 3 rooms. I have my own room at home.

    5. I like to play basketball the most, because it can keep me fit.

    6. I like to play video games, because it can kill time.

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