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淡水小吃- 蝦捲 


   仔細一瞧,那外觀像是春捲的食物正從油鍋撈起來,黃澄澄、香噴噴的味道,不禁令人食指大動 ,吃上一口,美味的口感令人不自覺的一口接一口。這是什麼食物?原來這種現炸現吃的食物,就是馳名淡水的「蝦捲」。

   話說蝦捲的故事,可以追溯到 20 多年前,一位在渡船頭附近經營小賣的阿伯,他首先研發出來的小吃產品。蝦捲是以新鮮蝦仁和豬後腿肉攪拌,配上調味料及蔥花後,再加入地瓜粉調成餡,然後包到特製餛飩皮中,放至熱油鍋內油炸,直到表皮酥脆的一種油炸食品,在食用前加上蒜頭醬油及甜辣醬調味,口感特別好吃。


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    Fresh water snack - shrimp volume     The fresh water crosses nearby the bow, are providing the wok with cooking oil and many sauce material itinerant vehicle, they sell are assorted?    As soon as careful looks, that outward appearance is likely spring roll food is fishing from the wok with cooking oil, bright yellow, fragrant flavor, is unable to restrain to make the person index finger to move greatly, eats one, the delicacy feeling in the mouth makes person unconscious one to meet one. This is assorted food? Originally this kind presently explodes food which presently eats, is the famous fresh water “the shrimp volume”.    The words said that the shrimp volume the story, may trace more than 20 years ago, in crosses the brother-in-law who nearby the bow manages the retail, he first researches and develops snack product. The shrimp volume is by the fresh shelled fresh shrimp and the pig hind leg meat agitation, after being joined to blends flavors anticipates the minced green onion, then joins the sweet potato powder furnishing stuffing, then the package to specially makes in the wonton skin, puts fries in oil to the hot wok with cooking oil, fries in oil food until the epidermis crisp one kind, adds on the garlic soy sauce and the sweet hot sauce before edible blends flavors, the feeling in the mouth is specially delicious.    Because the shrimp volume receives welcome, many in cross the business who nearby the bow does business, comes to consult the manufacture method in abundance, creates a sales shrimp volume the upsurge, as soon as performs the tourist to pass on again ten, ten passes on under hundred recommendations, the fresh water shrimp volume says for the fresh water snack new pet.

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  • 淡水是地名 官方譯名tan sui 故不能翻譯 fresh water, 會讓老外誤解為

    salt water 之相對詞

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