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[文法] insist + that + S + V

※The teacher insisted that he the test again.

(a) take

(b) takes

(c) is taking

(d) took


我的課本說 在 insist 表「堅決認為」時,其後 that 子句不用動詞原形。



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  • 1 0 年前

    insist 接名詞子句有兩種情況:

    a. 表 堅持…該…

    其句型為:S1 insist that S2 (should) + V. ---- 習慣省略should 留下原形動詞

    故這題應該是The teacher insisted that he (should) take tea again.(老師堅持他應該再喝茶)

    b. 強調事實或經驗時,其句型為: S1 insist that S2 + 一般 V.

    例如: I insist that he didn't take the money. (我堅信他沒拿這些錢)

    參考資料: my brain
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    1 0 年前

    Reticuli answers well.

    Following is the definition of my textbook.

    Using the subjunctive in noun clauses:

    A subjunctive verb uses the simple form of a verb. It doesn't have present, past, or future forms; it's neither singular nor plural. Sentences with subjunctive verbs generally stress importance or urgency.

    a) The teacher demands that we be on time.

    b) I insisted that he pay me the money.

    c) I recommended that she not go to the concert.

    d) It's important that they be told the truth.

    "Should" is not adequate to accout for every sentence likewise but mostly it does work.

    參考資料: my textbook and memory
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