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英文高手快幫我 因為我的寒假作業真的很難

















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    1. punished 處罰 If I don't finish my homework I'll be punished.

    2. daughter 女兒 She is my daughter.

    3. infuriated 觸怒 It infuriated the teacher when the student told him he didn't finih the homework.

    4. decorate 佈置 The Christmas tree had been decorated beautifully one week before Christmas.

    5. embarrassed 丟臉、害羞 It made me embarrassed to dance in front of so many people.

    6. earlier 早先 You should have told me earlier that you won't show up.

    7. overreaction 反應過度 His overreaction upon the issue surprised me a lot.

    8. flared 燃燒 The fire flared brightly at night.

    9. empty 空的 Don't drink coffee when your stomach is empty.

    10. crushed 壓迫的 The car was crushed by the fallen rock.

    11. begged 乞求的 The poor homeless is begged for some food.

    12. discouraged 沮喪的 The failure of the match really discouraged me.

    13. imaginary 想像的 The novel is written about an imaginary fairy world.

    14. container 容器 We usually store preserves in an airtight container.

    15. unconditional 絕對的 It's unconditional not allowed in the modern society that people ride a motor bike without a helmet.

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