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    Last week, on the road which in went to work, I saw an old woman to squat before a vehicle, looked like the worry. I go forward to inquire that she said the vehicle did not have the oil, I put out the spare oil drum for her have topped up the oil, she said that thanked me very much, wanted to give me a thank-you gift, I

    resisted , because helped the artificial joyful foundation.




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    One day last week on my way to work, I saw an older lady sitting in front of a car looking somewhat troubled. I asked her what her problem was, and she said her car was out of gas. Right away I used my spare gas can to give her some of mine. She was quite appreciative, and wanted to give me a small token of thanks. But I didn't want to accept any gift, because after all helping people is what makes me happy.

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    Last week, the way to work, I saw a woman squatting a truck before, seemed troubled. I went up question, she said that the car is not out of oil, I put out for her spare barrels plus filled with oil, she said he was grateful to me, and wanted to give me a little Xie, I refused, because of this joy through helping others.


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