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多益問題 - 請厲害的大大指點謎津

1. (A: Sea) turtles can (B: spend) their lifetime (C: in sea) without (D: ever) touching land.

2. (A: Like) other animals, the tiny kangaroo rat has the ability (B: to manufacture) water in his body (C: by metabolic conversion) (D: of carbohydrates).

3. Predators and parasites (A: share) a fundamental (B: characteristic): they (C: both) survive a the (D: price) of others.

4. (A: Found) in all parts of (B: the state), (C: pines are) the most (D: ordinary) trees in Georgia.

5. Scholars of historical change (A: feel) that the velocity of history (B: has been) (C: fastly) accelerated by the (D: onward rush) of science and technology during the twentieth century.

以上答案: 1. A ; 2. C. ; 3. C ; 4. D ; 5. C


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    1.A: The sea,表示整體的一群或特指的全體須加定冠詞‧

    2.C: through metabolic conversion;此處介系詞不能用by,若用by converting...


    3.C: all;因為Predators , parasites都是多數,兩者都是單數時纔用 both.


    5.C: fast,副詞是fast,不是fastly

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    第四題比較有問題的選項應該是C,改成the pines are 加定冠詞the的理由同第一題‧

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