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就在這個時候,站在旁邊的王老闆,對著廚房大聲吼叫了起來。「今天的牛肉麵是怎麼回事?麵這麼糊,這麼難吃的牛肉麵,你叫我怎麼跟客人收錢啊!重新煮過之後,再端兩碗過來!」 因為老爺爺和他孫子的一舉一動,王老闆都看在眼裡,他知道老爺爺沒有錢,就故意罵了大廚。 很快地,王老闆又端出了兩碗全世界最好吃的牛肉麵。老爺爺跟小孫子也開心地吃了起來。爺孫兩人吃完這碗全世界最好吃的牛肉麵後,不斷地對王老闆表示感謝,然後走出了店面。 雖然這時天空落下一片片的白色雪花,寒冷的雪花覆滿了老爺爺和小孫子的肩膀,但他們的心是暖烘烘的。

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  • Sen
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    At this moment, the boss Wang shouted to the direction of kitchen : “What’s wrong with the beef noodles today? Noodles are too mushy to be delicious! How can I get paid with this? Redo the noodle-cooking and send two bowls of noodles over here!”

    The boss Wang intended to shout at the cooker since he realized that this grandpa had no money by observing the behavior of his and his grandchild’s. In a short time, the boss Wang delivered two bowls of the most delicious beef noodles in the world. The grandpa and grandchild ate them happily. After they completed, they thanked to the boss Wang unceasingly. Though there was snowflakes all over the sky and on the shoulders of the grandpa and grandchild, their hearts were warm.

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