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Which one is appropriate?

I was wondering that does anyone know the word mention below:

---sympathetic---, ---pity ---

if to conjugate those word into the sentence like---

He was very sympathetic toward the homeless people on the street

Is it kind of ironic way to express; similar to homeless is sypathetic?

Does normal western world everyday conversation deem those expression appropriate?

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Does anyone think the listener will be feel more positive, more friendly, when hear people say

----- sympathy than sympathetic?-----

any difference between, for the feeling parts?

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Cause i remember western has a negative expression :

---You are sympathetic---

Is this the correct word they are talking about or it's other? If so, does anyone will still conjugate this word into the sentence when trying to show some sympathy?

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    I would also use sympathetic in that sentence. I think it is more appropriate.

    Pity has a underlying meaning of (look down) on someone else; feeling oneself more superior than another. You would never want to tell a homeless that you pity him.


    Sympathy has a positive connotation, as in the speaker is in a positive attitude toward the person he has sympathy towards

    Pity has a negative connotation, speaker has a negative attitude towards the

    person being pitied...conveys a sense of dislike and superiority very slightly

    ) from English yahoo answer

    sympathy 是善意得同情

    pity 有時意指對方需要被同情的 會讓人覺得高傲 要看情形使用

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    sympathy is a noun (名詞)

    sympathetic is an adjective (形容詞)

    I think the negative expression you mentioned is

    -------- You are pathetic. -----------

    pathetic means laughable, absurd, or pitifully inferior (被嘲笑的, 可笑的, 可悲的)

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    sympathy and sympathetic have the same meaning

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    well, i suppose that people use the word sympatheic more than pity, in my opinion pity will be more like looking down upon a person. Both words are appropriate, just depends on where and when you use it

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