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是 John Steinbeck 的 The Pearl







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    (Kino was a poor fisherman who lived with his wife Juana and son Coyotito in a small house near the ocean.)

    (One day a big and scary scorpion bit Coyotito. The baby might die from the scorpion’s poison.)

    (Coyotito 是單數. Babies是眾數)

    (Juana didn’t give up so she went to a doctor. The doctor was avaricious that he would not see Coyotito unless Juana paid him lots of money.)

    (Kino had a canoe. He could go to the sea and find something valuable to make money. He picked some oysters up and he was so lucky to find a pearl as big as an egg in the biggest oyster.)

    (The doctor knew Kino had a pearl. He came to Kino’s house to see Coyotito. The doctor gave him some medicine.

    The baby finally got better. They decided to sell the pearl to pay the doctor.)

    (decided to sell, decided to pay. 付款給醫生)

    (The next day, Kino and Juana went to the town in La Paz. There was an office with a group of rich men.

    Kino showed the pearl to them. They thought the pearl was so rare and unusual.

    It was worth 50000 pesos but the men only offered 1000, so Kino refused them.)

    (weird 是怪異, rare 是罕有. too是太過, very 是非常).

    (At midnight, Kino opened the door to see who was at the door. Kino saw a stranger and they started fighting.

    His forehead was bloody. The man probably wanted to get the pearl.)

    (to 後面的動詞是原形,是see不是saw)

    (After that night, Kino and Juana went to the beach to wash their face. Suddenly, a robber caught Juana’s arm and started punching her.

    Kino killed him with a knife. At the same time, their house was burnt! They were only able to take Coyotito and the pearl out.)

    (用only able to- 衹能夠. )

    (They couldn’t stay any longer! They escaped to the mountain near Loreto, but there were three trackers following them. Kino hid in a cave.)

    (Loreto or Santa Rosalia? 怪怪的. 應該指定一個地方.)

    (That night, two of three trackers were sleeping. The third one was very tired. Kino sneaked up to them carefully and stole a gun, and Kino killed all of them.)

    (closed 是關閉.在這裡不應當作動詞用,可以用moved close to. robbed 是搶劫. 這裡應該是偷).

    2010-02-13 00:46:05 補充:

    (They came back to La Paz and Kino changed his mind. “The pearl was a curse!” He said, then he threw the pearl back into the sea in front of everyone so that he could have a normal life again.)

    ** so, then, but, and 這些連接詞都要前句或後句的呼應,不應獨立成句.

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  • 1 0 年前 day morning可以改成one morning


    2.So he didn’t want to see Coyotito

    也可以只寫he didn’t see Coyotito.

    3.A pearl as large as an egg可改成as big as an egg


    4.The doctor knew Kino has a pearl.Therefore he came to Kino’s house and saw Coyotito.



    5.Another midnight, Kino opened the door to see who’s outside the door.

    6.After that night, Kino and Juana went to beach to wash their faces.

    7.At the same time, their house was burnt down! But Kino and Juana only took Coyotito and the pearl out.

    8.That night, two of the three trackers were sleeping.And the other was very tired.

    9.Kino went close to them carefully and robbed a gun.



    參考資料: 我也看過這本書耶!!
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