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1.大部分的人偶而都會感到疲倦。The best way to keep away from fatigue is to follow a healthy diet. 2.事當的飲食是避免疲倦的最容易方法之一 since our bodies need fuel to carry out daily functions such as digestion,blood circulation,and waste removal. 3.另外一個避免疲倦的方法就是規律的運動。 Most jobs are computer-based now,forcing us to sit still all day long. 4.因此,很多人變胖 because they are not burning enough calories. 5.運動,像慢跑、健走,游泳等等, builds muscle and reduces body fat.

提示: 1.sometimes/once in a while/from time to time 偶而,有時候

tiredness/fatigue 疲倦

3.exercise regularly 規律運動

4.therefore/as a result 因此 gain weight/put on weight/become heavy 變胖

5.and so on/etc. 等等


The High Speed Rail debuted in Taiwan in 2007.These fast trains are one of the few modern railroad systems around the world. Now the Taiwan High Speed Rail runs around 134 trains every day from Taipei to Kaohsiung. 1.這些車廂區分為兩種等級。You can choose a standard car or a business car. 2.商務車廂比較舒適,但標準車廂比較便宜。The High Speed Rail train has a very powerful engine and uses special train tracks,so 3.這些列車製造的噪音和汙染要比汽車來得少。The High Speed Rail stations are clean and specially designed. 4.這些車站需要有很長的月台 where passengers can get on this long train conveniently. 5.下次何不試著搭高鐵看看?

提示 divided into 區分 class 等級

3.less + 單數不可數名詞

4.platform 月台

5.why not +V 何不....? try+V-ing 試試看

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    1. Most people feel tired once in a while.

    2. A proper diet is one of the easiest ways to avoid tiredness.

    3. Another way is to exercise regularly.

    4. As a result, many people gain weight.

    5. Exercise, like jogging, hiking, swimming, and so on,


    1. These cars are divided into two classes.

    2. This is more comfortable, while that is cheaper.

    3. The noise and pollution produced by the trains are less than those by cars

    4. These stations require long platforms.

    5. Why not try taking the high-speed train next time?

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