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請幫忙做英文翻譯 :)




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    Ted ask Deb to check his computer to figure out what's the problem inside and find out it's infected by virus!This is because Ted downloaded music from unknown source ,fortunately Deb helped him to instill and enforce the anti-virus software and delete them successfully,so in case of security,even the operating speed would be a little bit slower for instilling the anti-virus software into computer,it should be done.And don't download music from unknown source ,try to find a better one.

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    Google翻譯 翻出來的東西是不能看的...

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    Ted invited Deb to help him check out what the problem computer and found the computer poisoned!

    Ted was originally to download unknown music, fortunately for him Deb implemented anti-virus software, the virus successfully being killed, so despite the anti-virus software will let computer gain on slow, must be installed for safety's sake, of unknown origin do not make music to download, try to find better download the source.


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