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英文簽約的問題~ Part 1

請問一下跟外國人簽訂契約 有用甲乙雙方這稱呼ㄇ

有一份文件 麻煩一下大家幫我翻譯~ 不要用翻譯軟體 謝謝


立契約書人AA公司 (以下稱甲方)、BB公司(以下稱乙方),雙方為鞋櫃技術指導及合作事宜,約定條款如后,以為共同遵守:

1、 乙方應於本契約簽署之日給付甲方日幣伍十萬元;甲方應於契約簽署之日

起一個月內,交付乙方有關鞋櫃該技術之模具及機器修改圖說,經乙方收受並確認無誤後,乙方在支付甲方日幣伍十萬元;甲方應於在收訖前揭日幣伍十萬元後一個月內,派遣熟捻鞋櫃 該技術之人員至乙方指定處所,以教導乙方人員修改、操作機器及技術移轉,以至乙方完全習得鞋櫃技術。乙方於試機成功後,另支付甲方日幣五十萬元。

(因為太長了 所以我分三篇給各位大大幫我翻** 不然點數太少 我會對不起自己的良心 ^^) 謝謝

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    有一份文件 麻煩一下大家幫我翻譯~ 不要用翻譯軟體 謝謝

    一般會說買方與賣方,例如AA公司(以下簡稱買方)與 BB公司(以下簡稱賣方)雙方同意……。

    技術合作契約 Agreement of Technical Cooperation between AA and BB.

    立契約書人AA公司 (以下稱甲方)、BB公司(以下稱乙方),雙方為鞋櫃技術指導及合作事宜,約定條款如后,以為共同遵守:

    *** 這裡的買賣雙方都要寫明公司註冊地址喔!For the sake of technical cooperation on shoes cabinet, AA corporation(hereinafter called Provider), having its address registered at (地址No. xx, xxx Road, Tokyo, Japan), plans to sign an agreement of technical cooperation (hereinafter called Agreement) with BB corporation(hereinafter called Taker), having its address registered at (地址 No. 4, Chuang Shan Road , Taipei , Taiwan ROC). Both parties hereof agree to abide by the Agreement as set forth hereunder.

    The Taker should pay to the Provider five hundred thousand (500,000) Japanese Yens on the date when the Agreement is duly signed by both parties hereof. The Provider should provide the Taker with molds and the manual of modification for machinery in relation to the shoes cabinet within one (1) month after the Agreement is duly signed. The Taker should pay another five hundred thousand (500,000) Japanese Yens to the Provider after the Taker confirms that it has well received the afore-said molds and manual with regard to the shoes cabinet. The Provider shall dispatch, within one (1) month after it receives the second (2nd) payment of five hundred thousand (500,000) Japanese Yens from the Taker, its technician with good skills in the shoes cabinet to the Taker’s premises to teach, assist and guide the Taker’s technicians on modification of machinery, operation of machines and technique transfer till the Taker’s employees well learn and receive all techniques with regards to the shoes cabinet. The Taker shall pay to the Provider the third (3rd) payment of five hundred thousand (500,000) Japanese Yens after the machines’ trail run by the Taker is finished and successful.

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    Technical Cooperation Contract

    This a contract was entered

    between AA company (hereafter referred to as Party A) and BB Company (hereafter

    referred to as Party B) for technical instruction in producing shoe cabinets,

    along with relevant cooperation affairs.

    Both parties commonly agree and abide by the terms as follows:

    1. Party B shall pay the amount of 500,000 Japanese Yuans to Party A on the

    date of signing this contract. Within a

    month after this contract has been entered, Party A shall give molds and

    mechanical modification drawings relevant to the producing technique of shoe

    cabinets to Party B. After Party B

    confirmed all items have been well received, Party B shall pay Party A an

    amount of 500,000 Japanese Yuan. Within

    a month after the aforesaid payment of 500,000 Japanese Yuans was received, Party

    A shall dispatch technicians specialized in producing shoe cabinets to the

    locale assigned by Party B so as to instruct the operators of Party B about

    machine modification and operation, along with technique transfer. The task shall be totally done till Party B

    has already known the production technique of shoe cabinets entirely. After Party B has known all about the

    technique of shoe cabinets and successfully completes mechanical trial run, another

    payable amount of 500,000 Japanese Yuan shall be paid to Party A.

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    Technical Cooperation Contract

    Li Contract were AA Corporation (hereinafter referred to as Party A), BB, Inc. (hereinafter referred to as Party B), both for the shoe technical advice and co-operation, agreed to the terms as follows, that abide by:

    1, Party B shall be the date of the signing of this contract payments Party Japanese yen 100,000 yuan Wu; Party A shall be the date of contract signature

    Within one month of delivery of B on the technology of the shoe molds and machinery, said the plan be modified, and confirmed correct by the receiving party B after Party A Party B payment of 100,000 yuan Wu Japanese yen; Party shall, upon payment of Qian Jie Japanese yen Wu 100,000 yuan within one month after sending Shunian shoe technology officer of the designated premises to B, B to educate personnel changes, operating machinery and technology transfer, as well as B completely learned shoe technology. After the success of B on the test machine, the other Party in Japanese yen to pay 500,000 yuan.


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