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請英文高手幫忙將句子翻英文!!! 20點!!



No.00 春天為我新的人生洗禮,天使在我身邊詠唱聖言,天氣晴,心情輕

No.01 春神來了,yes,I like her,無法擺脫的眷戀

No.02 我只是一個平凡的女孩,總有一天王子來到,坐上白馬,牽著我,帶我走

No.03 陽光照耀之處,與芬多精交換身體,淨化沉睡的心靈

No.04 注視著你,所有的開心、不開心,都能很快樂

NO.05 停止現在這一秒,能不能變得像他一樣沉默,卻又能偶爾擁有孩子的童顏

No.07 找到另一個天堂,屬於我的世外桃源,遠乎於我的美

No.08 我愛上家的味道,靜待等你歸來,當你的小女人

NO.09 眺望天空,想像邱比特抽出金箭,射在我心上,情竇初開、沉溺愛河

No.10 微笑是一種記號、一種暗號,是我的微笑,還有看著你的美好

NO.11 故事的開端,我們都是演員,結局不一定完美,但過程一定要精彩

No.12 隨著故事書的結束,童話也能變成神話,從此以後,你會樂意做你自己

No.13 你大可不必包裝自己,如果華麗下是悲痛的禮物;那麼,就再對我說一聲,再見了

No.14 冬雪像似鋼琴上的白鍵、安靜而絮亂卻又顯得如此淒美

No.15 像個孩子般嬉鬧,找尋你走過的腳步,飛向那草原的盡頭,就算被跘倒也沒關係



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    00 Spring to my new life, Angel by my side, it's fine to chant divine word missionaries, mood light

    01 Spring to, yes, I like her, no way to get rid of

    02 I'm just an ordinary girl, one day the Prince came to sit on a white horse, helped me, take me away

    03 The Sun is shining, and swap body Fundo fine, purifying the soul deep

    04 Watch all the happy, sad, happy

    05 Stop now this second, could become his silence, but can occasionally have children of Tong Yan

    07 Find another heaven, my beautiful world, far from the bottoms up to my beauty

    08 I love the taste of home, waiting for you at the return, when your little lady

    09 Watching the skies, imaginary Cupid pulled out the Golden arrow, shot in my heart, like a beginner, indulged in love

    10 A smile is a notation, a secret code, is my smile, and watch your good

    11 The beginning of the story, we are actors, the outcome may not be perfect, but the process must be wonderful

    12 With the end of the story, fairy can become myth, from then on, you will be pleased to do your own

    13 You do not have to wrap yourself, if a gorgeous gift is grief; well, then I say goodbye

    14 Snow seems the white keys on a piano, silent and coagulation disorder but is so poignant

    15 As you walk around, finding, fly to the end of the Prairie, even if it's been one-upmanship

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