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阿文 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 1 0 年前






請幫我翻譯一下摟 要盡量簡單一點

4 個解答

  • 1 0 年前

    My hero is a sister, she has a black short hair, a dark green, thick-framed glasses and brown skin, she not only dressed like boys, and even personality is very similar to men, even so, she was still in my mind, heroes.

    Why should I call her a hero do? That is because her homework very well, so I call him a hero 』『 homework, I have not the title that she would call me first jump, first write to other topics, and all finished and then a question of pay me a question This is not only fast but also do not trouble.

    『Her homework heroes who are 一级棒 physical, so I called her『 physical heroes do! My sister is a really powerful A, there are so many places where you can learn from him, I love my sister! !

    參考資料: Google翻譯
  • 強尼
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    1 0 年前

    My hero of my hero is an elder sister, she has a black short hair, a pair of black green thick frame glasses and brown skin, she not only wears and looks like the boy student, even individual character looks like the boy student very much, even like this, she is still a hero in my mind.

    Why should I call her the hero?

    That is because her homework is very good, I call him " homework hero ", topic that I can have she can ask me is it pass by to jump first, write other topic first, after all finishing writing question of a question one hands over me, not only fast nor troublesome like this.

    Her " homework hero " physical stamina is first class and excellent too, so I am calling her " physical stamina hero "!

    My elder sister is still really A terribly, there are so many places that can be studied with him, I love my elder sister most!

    參考資料: ''Dr.eye''
  • ?
    Lv 5
    1 0 年前

    I have a heroin. She is my sister. She wears short black hair, a pair of glasses with a dark green-tinted big frame, and a nice tan. The way she wears is not the only way that makes her like a boy; so does her personality. Even so, she is still my true heroin.

    Why do I think she is a heroin? She is doing very well in school, so I call her my homework heroin. She always suggests I skip the items I have trouble with, and then she would work on them one by one with me after I have finished those that I can handle. It is fast and effective.

    She is not just my homework heroin. She is very good at sports as well, so I also give her another title, sports heroin. My sister is super. There are so many things I can learn from her. I really love her.

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  • My hero   

    My hero is an elder sister, she has a black short hair, not only black green's thick frame eyeglasses and the brown skin, she is putting on likely the male student, also very much looks like the male student including the individuality, even if is this, she is still in my mind hero.   

    Why do I want to call her the hero? That is because her schoolwork is very good, therefore I call him 'the schoolwork hero', I will have the topic she to be able to call me to jump over first, will write other topics first, after and so on finished completely, a topic topic hands over me again, not only like this will not be quickly troublesome.   

    Her this 'the schoolwork hero' the physical ability is also the first-level stick, therefore I also call her 'the physical ability hero'! My elder sister also is really fierce Arab League, has these many may the place which studies with him, I most love me the elder sister!!

    參考資料: 奇摩翻譯