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(還沒完,更精彩的是在下面!)這位仁兄把臉一擺,瞪著那位小姐,並說出:「Fxxk you!」


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    大大您好~ 很高興能為您解答~


    One day in the Denver International Airport, a flight was stopped because of

    an aircraft breakdown. The airport counter staff must assist a large number of

    passengers to transfer flights. The front counter was full of people, when

    suddenly a man squeezed through the large crowd and threw his ticket on top

    of the counter. He said: "I need to take this flight, and in the first-class cabin!"

    The lady answered politely: "Excuse me sir, but i have to help the

    passengers in line first."

    The man said impatiently: "Do you know who I am!!?"

    The lady calmly picked up the microphone and said "Dear all passengers,

    someone in front of counter 23 doesn't know who he is. If anybody can help

    him identify himself, please come to counter 23, thankyou."

    The passengers that were waiting in line couldn't help laughing.

    (It's not over yet, the following is even more exciting!) The man stared at the

    lady and shouted: "Fuck you!"

    The lady said with a friendly smile: "But you still have to wait in line!"


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    奶油麵包根本就是直接用google translate翻的嗎- -


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    Some date unites the scheduled aircraft at a Denver Airport's class to be grounded for some reason, the airport counter personnel must assist large quantities of this flight passenger extension to ride other airplanes. The counter front row has filled the human who goes through the formalities, by now some friend a group pushed from the lining up crowd before the counter, flung the airplane ticket on the counter and said: “I am certain on this class airplane, moreover is the first-class cabin!” Service young lady very polite reply: “gentleman, I is glad for you to serve very much, but I first for these platoons in front person service.” This time this my dear friend very impatiently said: “you knew that who I am?” Sees only that counter young lady calmly to take up the microphone broadcast saying:“the fellow passengers please note, before the 23rd counter, has a gentleman not to know that who oneself is, if which passenger has to be able to help him to recognize status, requests the union aviation 23rd counter, thanks.” This time arranged at the following passengers cannot bear has smiled. (has not had, what is more splendid is under!)This my dear friend a face pendulum, is staring that young lady, and says: “Fxxk you!” Sees only that counter young lady to reveal the friendly smile to reply: “that you also first line up only then the line!”

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    Ground for some reason in one class UAL airliner , Denver of airport one, personnel , counter of airport , must help large quantities of this airliner passenger transit other planes. The full person who went through the formalities of front row of the counter, a brother crowds in front of the counter all the way from the crowd lining up at this moment, get rid of the ticket the counter and say: ' I must get on this flight , and the first class! '

    Very courteous answer of the young lady of the service: ' Sir, I am willing to serve you, but I rank preceding person to serve for these first . '

    It is said that this my dear friend is very impatient at this moment: ' do you know who I am? '

    Only see that young lady's calm picking up wind radio one of Mike of counter: ' every passenger please notice 23 No. counter a gentleman did not know who oneself is , where passenger if had to help him to distinguish the identity, please get to UAL counter 23, thanks. '

    The passengers that arranged behind at this moment all can't help laughing.

    (whether still, a excellent one below!) This my dear friend waved the face , stared at that young lady, and say: ' Fxxk you! '

    Only see that young lady of counter show the kind smile and answer: You must line up first and then well do too in ' that! '


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    以下是這些翻譯 有些不知道怎翻

    One day at the Denver airport, a group of United Airlines flights grounded for some reason, the airport counter staff must assist a large number of flight passengers to continue their journey to the other aircraft. The front counter filled with people who complete the procedure, when there is an old chap in the crowd all the way from the line pushed the counter, will be thrown to the ticket counter and said: "I must get on this flight, but also first class!"

    Service is very polite young lady replied: "Sir, I am happy for you, but I must first of those standing in the front of people for the service."

    At this time this man was very impatient, saying: "Do you know who I am?"

    I saw the counter lady who calmly picked up the microphone of the radio: "The Honorable visitors Please note that there is a counter 23 does not know who he is, Mr., if there is which can help him identify the identity of passengers, then should be grateful to the United Airlines 23 the counter, thank you. "

    At this point came in the back of the tourists could not help laughing out.

    (Not yet finished, even more exciting is that in the following!) This man my face Yi Bai, stared at the lady, and say: "Fxxk you!"

    I saw the counter lady who exposed gas smile replied: "What do you have to first queue Caixing 唷!"


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    字數過多沒辦法再翻譯了 抱歉喔

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