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    The Executive Yuan has recently determined that, foreign sellers who export through Free Port District storage or simple processing are allowed to apply for exemption of income tax on that revenue – regardless the dollar amount of the sales.

    The execution of this promotion plan does not come in conflict against the fundamental principles of WTO, regarding “General Elimination of Non-Tariff Barriers”. It is expected to bring positive impacts on the objectives of two important trade policy initiatives: the “Policy to Liberalize Overall Trade” and the “Promote Foreign Investment”.

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    應該是“come in conflict with”;



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    The Executive Yuan recently had checked, foreign cargo owner after free port district storage or simple processing loses toward the overseas cargo, no matter why the sales amount, all can apply for the exemption camp tax. The related reward means might recently complete the legal system procedure official issue execution. This reward means execution, about “eliminates the nontariff barrier principle generally” with WTO basic standard there is really no disagreement at all, “the overall liberalization of trade policy” and “the reward investments abroad” and so on two important trade policy target should have the positive influence regarding our country.

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