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請幫忙翻譯bone strengthening, Water

請幫忙翻譯bone strengthening, Water aerobics, Swimming laps非常感謝

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    (1)bone strengthening (exercise)= 增強骨質的(運動)

    Bone Strengthening Exercises

    In addition to getting the recommended daily amount of calcium and maintaining a healthy diet, weight-bearing exercises can increase bone density and, along with adequate amounts of calcium in your diet, may help reduce the risk of osteoporosis.

    (2)Water aerobics = 水上有氧運動(在有到肩膀或腰深度的水裡做肌肉運動或行走的運動.對老人或肌肉無力者很適合)

    Q: What is water aerobics

    A: Wateraerobics involves doing various types of muscle movements or simply walking in waist- to shoulder-deep water. It is an excellent choice for older people and for those with weak muscles, as it prevents falls and provides support for the body.

    (3)Swimming laps = (游泳池裡)來回游泳的運動

    How many calories are burned swimming laps for an hour


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    bone strengthening - 骨骼強化

    water aerobics - 水上增氧健身操

    swimming laps - 折返游泳 (就是游去又游回一趟)

    參考資料: exercise is good for u
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