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"己所不欲 勿施於人"

"改變自己是自救 影響別人救人"

"不要小看自己 因為人有無限的可能"

"心美 看什麼都順眼"

"知足常樂 甘願做 歡喜做"

"人要知福 惜福 再造福"


"時時存好心 日日是好日"

"十里之行 都是腳下開始的"

"理直氣要和 得理要饒人"

"無欲 無求 則力量不盡"


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    1.Offering thanksgiving to everything in one's life more, so beautifying everything in one's life more.

    2.Don't do someone something that you don't want someone does on you.

    3.Changing for rescuing yourself; affecting other people is rescuing them.

    4.Being confidence in oneself because everyone has unlimited possibility.

    5.One who has a beautiful heart can see everything beautifully.

    6.Doing what and gathering what that makes working as a happy thing.

    7.Enjoying what you deserve to have and expanding it.

    8.To everyone, there is no other enemies despite oneself.

    9.One who has a kind heart can make one have a good life.

    10.Every big success is built on a hard and lasting work.

    11.Though you have good reasons to correct the other one's opinions, you still can't shout on the one.

    12.No desire; no limitation

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    9.One who has a kind heart can make oneself have a good life.

    參考資料: Myself, Myself
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    這是一個可以翻譯各種語言的網站 希望幫的上妳!!

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