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有誰知道jobs quotes是甚麼

美國的Sales時常提到Jobs quotes,Jobs quotes有一個合理的中文解釋嗎? 謝謝大家

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    quote 是quotation的簡稱. Can you give me a quote....可不可以報個價.

    為什麼要叫Job Quote呢? 因為他們做生意, 除了開retail, 客人進來買一個, 是一個的那種商業型態, 其他的很多是針對一個工程, 或標案所做的估價, 那個工程或標案就是一個job. 也有人會叫project. 這些sales應該都是在外頭靠network或其它方式做生意. 幾乎都是議價成交而不是照一個standard price list談成生意. 所以, 每個deal都可能是一個job quotes.

    有些vendor會有一套standard price list, 然後碰到有對手也進來競爭時, 也會針對競爭另外給個優惠價, 為了區別, 他們會言明, "special price quote for xxx project " 或是 "special price for xxx job". job quote 不是什麼專有名詞, 只是一般sales常用的說法而已.

    參考資料: 在美國做了快20年的sales了
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    "Job Quotes ": 關於工作的格言

    Here are some Quotes about having a job, being employed, and a career by famous artists and entertainers.

    Being a good artist is the toughest job you could pick, and you have to be a little nuts to take it on. I love them all.

    Charles Saatchi Quotes - Art Collectors I had always dreamed of being involved in a job where I could do anything related to animals and nature. A vet maybe. But later I came to understand that it was just a temporary interest and that music was more important to me.

    Tarkan Quotes - Singers I've become more comfortable, knowing that I can sleep until two and hang out until ten in the morning and don't have to worry about losing my job. But I'm not a big star. I'm not even a twinkle.. I'm just a rumor.

    Tom Waits Quotes - Singers Why do people think artists are special? It's just another job.

    Andy Warhol Quotes - American Artists

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    1. jobs quotes : 這個工作的估價. 就是要報價的意思 (quotations).

    2. Steve "Jobs quotes" : 史提夫·保羅·賈伯斯(蘋果公司的現任首席執行官兼創辦人), 他的名言被業務來借鏡.

    參考資料: 自己