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急!!! 請問有人可以把下列中文文章翻譯成英文嗎?




Mr.wang was in a rush toget to work yesterday morning.

He drove so fast that he even ran a red light unfortunately,

a taxi crashed into his car.

As soon as they both got out of their cars,

Mr.wang apolgized to the taxi driver and promised that he would pay for the damage.

50 words only.

Helpful vocabularies:

1. be in a rash

2. run a read light

3. unfortunately

4. crash

5. apologize

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    Mr.wang was in a rush to get to work yesterday morning, because he was drunk on the night before last night, and he got up a little late yesterday morning.

    He drove so fast and he made several red light crossing on the way to his office, and unfortunately, he crashed into a taxi at the corner where 2 blocks away from his office.

    As soon as they both got out of their cars, Mr. Wang apologized to the taxi driver. He also promised to pay the damages after he made a call to his insurance broker, but he also noticed that his insurance premium will be adjusted higher next year.

    Mr. Wang wasn't so lucky yesterday morning, but he received the monthly bonus from his boss before he left the office. He cancelled the damage payments by his insurance premium as soon as he received the bonus, and replaced the damage payments by using the bonus he received.

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