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I agree with John get his severance pay. severance pay can protect John from financial problems before find a new job . I agree with he get severance pay for several reasons .

The first and most important reason is that john is a fat person. Because John is fat and lazy, in order to find a new job is very tired, so give him some money to go to the gym, maybe he want to be an instructor. Why do I know that he is fat and lazy , because I just know. Do not ask me.

The second reason is that he is very old. In fact, he was not looking for a new job, he is too old, fear of being fired. he wanted to start his own business, so he need to severance pay, can be venture capital.

The third reason is that he is works in the taipei. He addition to venture capital funds also need airline ticket money, he will fly to the United States, he missed his family, he is crying every night, he needs at home.

In conclusion, John needs a lot of money, because he is fat and lazy. I think that John get his severance pay,I hope I can get money.



The first and most important reason is that john is a fat person . 因為約翰胖又懶,為了找工作一定很累,所以要給他點錢讓他去健身房運動,他可能想當健身教練.為什麼我會知道他很胖又很懶,因為我就是知道.別問我.

The second reason is that he is very old . 其實他不是找新工作,他是太老,擔心被解雇.所以他想要自己創業,因此他需要離職費,可以當作創業基金.

The third reason is that he is works in the taipei . 他除了需要創業基金,也需要機票錢,他必須飛回美國,他想念他的家人,他每天晚上都在哭,他需要家.

In conclusion , John需要非常多的錢,因為他肥又懶.我覺得約翰得到他的離職費,是應該的!!希望我也可以得到一筆錢

麻煩幫我看一下有沒有翻譯的不通順和文法證不正確 謝謝

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    I agree with John getting his severance pay because it can protact him from any financial crisis before getting a new job, and my reasons are as follows:

    The first and most important reason of all is that John is an obese person. His obesity and laziness would make him really tired finding a job; therefore, he would need some money to go to the gym and work out. He may want to be a trainer there. Why would I know he is obese and lazy? Well, I just know. Don't even ask.

    The second reason is that John is very old. He is afraid that he might be fired because of his age, and so he decides to start his own business rather than finding a new job. The reserance pay can then be the funds for his new business as a venture capital.

    The last reason for John to get his severance pay is that he needs it on traveling, since he lives in Taipei. In addition to the venture capital, John also needs his ticket money to fly back to America, where his family is. He misses his family so much that he cries alone every night. He needs comfort from home.

    In conslusion, John needs a lot of money because he is obese and lazy. Therefore, I think he should get his severance pay as much as I need some money as well.

    參考資料: 如果是我,我會這樣翻吧. 不過我試著不去改你的文意就是了
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    我感覺你的起承轉合不夠順暢,所以我改了你的句子。通常在英文中不不較不會用到 FAT, Lazy, and old (除非是很親近的朋友或家人) ,因為這些字言很傷人,別人聽到了會以為你在罵John,所以我選些比較沒那麼殺傷力強的字。僅做參考,謝謝。

    I support John on getting his severance pay. The severance pay can prevent John from getting any financial problems before he lands a new job. Additional to that, I have following reasons.

    First and most important reason is that john is overweight and easy to get tired. In order to be more energetic and vigorous, he probably needs to work out. The severance pay can get him start. Probably, he wants to be a trainer after he starts. Well, please don’t ask me how I know his situation, I just know.

    Secondly, he is getting old. In fact, he is not interested to looking for a new job because he is afraid that his age may get him fired right at the spot. Hence, he wants to start his own business and the payment could use as a funding resource. The last reason is that he is working in Taipei. Addition to the severance payment, he also needs additional funds to get his airfare so that he can return to United States. He misses his family and he feels frustrated with his life. He needs support from his family.

    To conclude John’s situation, John must have sufficient fund to support his life because of his age and his physical condition. Therefore, John must get the payment. I hope I can receive the benefit, too.

    參考資料: me and MS word
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