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當各位被問到: ''說到底特律,你們第一個聯想到的東西是.....??'',普遍答案應該就是美國著名的工業重鎮,再來美國職籃隊伍活塞隊。本次主角是底特律毒梟代表團體: The Chambers Brothers

1987年,底特律被冠上''快克惡夢之城''的外號,其後Chambers家族被警方鎖定的原因是在一起搜補行動中發現數捲家庭自拍錄影帶,片中炫耀著數以百萬的現金, 奢華飾品跟豪華裝修的房子,隔天電視新聞開始播放這些影片,並報導懷疑這個家族企業與底特律毒品氾濫有密不可分關係。這幾位兄弟最後在底特律機場附近一家旅館被逮捕,那家旅館的整個二樓全是毒品製造中心。Billy Joe在法庭上全盤托出集團內幕,從入獄五十年減少到二十七年,Otis一樣為二十七年,Willie為二十一年,Larry則是被判無期徒刑。

Larry在自述中提到: ''我曾有機會脫離這個世界,但最後卻選擇留了下來,這是我一生中做過最錯誤的決定''。

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    When you are asked: ' ' said to Detroit, you first think of something ... ... '' Generally the answer should be is a famous American industrial center, and then to NBA team the Pistons. The protagonist is Detroit drug dealers, representative bodies: The Chambers Brothers in 1987, Detroit accused ' ' rapidly nightmare city ' ' nickname was subsequently Chambers family because the police locked together search complements action number found in the volume the self-timer video, home movie shows off many millions of cash, luxury jewelry with luxurious decoration of the House, the day after the television news began to play the movie, and reports of suspected this family business and Detroit Duverger proliferation of drugs. The brothers finally in Detroit airport hotel is arrested, the hotel of the entire second floor was a drug manufacturing centre. Billy Joe in court everything inside, from the group in fifty years ' imprisonment was reduced to twenty-seven years, as for 27 years, the Otis Willie for 21 years, Larry is sentenced to life imprisonment.

    Larry in the Readme mentions: '' I had had an opportunity out of this world, but in the end, but choose to stay down, this is done most wrong decision ' '.

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