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請問各位英文強的大大, 以下用英文介紹台中該如何翻譯呢?

請問各位大大 以下該如何用英文翻譯比較順通呢? 謝謝~

台中市位於台灣的中心點, 是一個集合商業, 文化, 風格的城市, 前外交部長胡市長的帶領下, 主攻強烈的人文氣息更為這台灣第三大的城市增添了外放的風采. 原有的台中港, 台中機場奠定了台中的發展, 高鐵以及興建中的捷運更是為鮮明了台中的未來. 人文藝術, 高接受度以及高消費能力強的這樣一個都市中, 形象館在台中成立, 為這個城市增添了新意. 彷彿是這城市的一部分, 另一個特色指標, 如此得舒服卻又讓人難以忘懷.




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    The city of Taichuang is located at the heart and center of Taiwan. The city is famous for its conglomerate commerce, cultural activities, and unprecedented style. Under the leadership of Mayor Hu, the previous Minister of Foreign Affairs of Taiwan,Taichuang's emphasis on its highly artistic and educated demographic resources further proved it's ability to transform into a international destination. If the Port and airport of Taichuang are the foundation of it’s development, the building of High-speed Rail and Subway System will ensure its future. People in this city are highly artistic and open-minded. In a city with such high consumption potential, the addition of 形象館 creates a breath of fresh air, morphed into a part of the city. A unique landmark,形象館is simply mesmerizing.

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    Taichung City, located in the center of Taiwan, is a city which assembles commercial and cultural style. Under the leading of Mayor Hu,ex-minister Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the strongly humanity of culture increases the charming presence. The original Taichung Harbor, Taichung Airport establishes the development of Taichung. HSR and establishing MRT refreshes the future of Taichung, which obtains he art of human culture, high-receivability, and high ability of consumption. Imagination Museum, established in Taichung, increases the new flavor, It seems one part the city, the other mark of character which is so comfortable and unforgetable.


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    Taizhong located at Taiwan's central point, is a set trade, the culture, the style city, under the first Foreign Minister Mayor Hu's leadership, the main attack intense humanities breath more this Taiwan third big city has increased the elegant demeanor which is assigned away from the capital. Original Taizhong Port, the Taichung airport has established Taichung's development, in the high-valence iron as well as construction DORTS is for the bright Taichung's future. Humanities art, in high acceptance as well as the high consumption ability strong this kind of metropolis, the vivid hall establishes in Taichung, has increased the fresh idea for this city. Is this urban part as if, another characteristic target, so comfortable actually lets the human be unforgetable.

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