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tangre 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 1 0 年前

live in Tung Chung, HK

Need advice to live in Tung Chung, the gate city of Hong Kong.

I currently rent an apartment at North Point, mid-Braemer Hill. A good and convenient place, but I need fresh air. And need to escape from the very cold north wind. My apartment is poor in fighting with the humidity. I am stuck by these high-rising buildings. My eyesight is getting bad very fast.

Need advice to live in Tung Chung. THANKS Greatly!!!


Thanks for the translation. A wonderful job.

But I need practical advices of living in Tung Chung, e.g., living facilities.. expenses... aircraft noises... weather..... are all welcome topics.

BTW, the mountain at North Point is "Bao Ma" Mountain.

Thanks anyway

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post on HK Yahoo Knowledge...??

I thought that' what I have been doing!! Isn't this THE HK yahoo knowledge?? Anyhow, thanks for the kind suggestion so I just did... have you guys seen it?

Well... THIS IS MY FIRST TIME TO POST ON YAHOO. I am really illiterate to internet interactions.

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    Need advice to live in Tung Chung. ?

    Here are some useful info for you.

    1. Advice on Tung Chung | Hong Kong Property ...

    Tung Chung transportation, Hong Kong - Panoramic Earth ...Tung Chung City Gate mall | Living in or moving to Hong Kong ...

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    I suggest you to post your question on the HK Yahoo Knowledge. By doing so you might receive more detail and accurate responses from the Tung Chung residents in Hong Kong.

    Good luck.

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