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拜託幫翻英文~ 台灣特色數句!! 感謝

1. 竹子除了大量吸收空氣中的二氧化碳,更可在砍伐後繼續施放芬多精,讓城市空氣更清新的綠建材。此外,一節十公分的竹桿,可承受五噸的壓力在地震頻繁的地區使用竹材做為地樑或屋架,使用量只要木頭的四成,即可達到相同的耐震效果,對於地震頻繁的世界各地都將是非常實用的建材。

2. 布農族在此地是台灣原住民的第四大部落,族人視狩獵和種植小米為神聖的工作;還發明自己的行事曆及原始字畫,是台灣原住民中唯一擁有自己文字的種族。打耳祭是最主要的慶典,也喝著原住民的小米酒以及台灣原有日月潭咖啡與烏龍茶,體驗最原始也最香甜的台灣味。

3. 離島海風吹拂下體驗麵線與台灣粽風味、參加龍舟競賽,也在金門戰地風情享受砲火的特色景點與金門貢糖等小吃。

4. 台南七股鹽山並享受意麵與台南安平小吃,到達孔廟參觀古時孔儒學派的教學場所;接著到達屏東東港參加王船祭、鮪魚季,緊接著到墾丁參加美食啤酒—春天吶喊音樂會。

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    1.Bamboo's except massive absorption air in carbon dioxide, may after the felling continues to discharge the fragrance multi-essences, lets urban air fresher green building materials. In addition, ten centimeter bamboo poles, may withstand five tons pressures to do in the earthquake frequent area use bamboo for the sommer or the roof frame, the amount of use, so long as the wood 40%, then achieves the same vibration-proof effect, regarding earthquake frequent the world will be the very practical building materials.

    2.The cloth agriculture race in this is the Taiwan indigenous people's fourth big tribe, the clansman regards the hunting and the planter millet for the sacred work; Also the invention own conduct experience and the primitive calligraphy and painting, are in Taiwan indigenous people have oneself writing race only. Hits the ear sacrifice is the most main celebration, is also drinking indigenous people's small rice wine as well as Taiwan original Riyue Tan coffee and the Oolong tea, the experience is most primitive also the most fragrant Taiwan taste.

    3.Under the Islands sea breeze sways experiences the facial suture and Taiwan steamed rice dumpling flavor, participates in the dragon boat race, also enjoys fire's characteristic scenic spot and in the Jinmen battlefield character and style snacks and so on Jinmen tribute sugar.

    4.Tainan seven Yanshan and enjoys the Italian surface and the Tainan peaceful snack, arrives at the Confucian temple visit ancient times hole meek school of thought the teaching place; Then arrives at east Bingdong the port to participate in Wang Chuanji, the tuna season, follows closely is participating in the good food beer - spring to Kending to cry out the concert.

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