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請問skip filled這句英文是什麼意思?



She said: Skip filled!.. Housework done!... Kids fetched!... Dinner on the go!!... Driving lesson after.... What a productive day.

I said: Wow,It's a tight schedule! Is mom usually that busy?

She said :Take off the filling of the skip and yeah its a pretty normal Monday.

(1)想請問什麼是 Skip filled?

(2)Take off the filling of the skip 又是什麼呢?


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  • Sen
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    skip 是垃圾子車


    這裡講了很多關於fill the skip 的重點、下面有寫重點

    It is strongly advised that you get all your rubbish skipped in one day otherwise you may find that it has filled itself overnight!

    Give some thought as to how you fill your skip. It won’t matter with small rubble and soil but if you just throw wood panels and beds in willy-nilly you may create voids which prevent you getting all of your rubbish in.

    Don’t over fill your skip. Most companies consider a level skip to be full. Anymore than a slight heap and they may make you take some rubbish off.

    If you have a printed or block-paved drive it would be worthwhile putting boards down to protect it. Heavy skips can badly scratch or crack your drive when being picked up.

    If you have a lot of scrap metal to dispose of leave it for the scrap metal collectors, they will take it free of charge.

    Finally, be very careful if your hired skip has to go on a public highway. You will certainly need a licence and possibly night lighting or cones. The fines for not having a licence can be as much as £500 and if anyone should crash into your hired skip you may find yourself liable for injury or damage.


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    瑛姑蘅蕪% 大師


    Take off the filling of the skip and yeah its a pretty normal Monday.



  • Jeng
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  • YLJ
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    不好意思,小毛大師說垃圾子車,那發問者寫的下一句Take off the filling of the skip將如何解釋?



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