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蜜蜂 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 1 0 年前


1.With the first note, noises from the cellars and gutters were heard.

2.The hordes of rats came scrambling into the street.

3.The road was just soild with rats.

4.Gray ones, black ones, young ones, and old ones.

5.They followed the piper.

6.The tune was magical.

7.It was like an unseen magnet.

8.The air was filled with squeals and swish of little feet.

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    1 0 年前

    1. 首先被注意到的是來自地下室和排水溝的聲響.

    2. 成群的老鼠爬竄到街上.

    3. 整條路都被老鼠給填滿了.

    4. 灰的, 黑的, 小的, 老的.

    5. 他們跟隨著吹笛者.

    6. 聲調如此神奇.

    7. 它就像個看不見的磁鐵 (那樣的具有吸引力)

    8. 空氣裡充滿了尖聲哭叫和小腳發出的窸窣聲.

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