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1, London, England (CNN) -- The head of the union which has called a strike of British Airways cabin crew said Sunday he was appealing to the airline's board of directors to reopen talks to prevent further stoppages as the industrial action entered its second day. Unite union chief Tony Woodley said in a letter to the 95 percent of 15,000 BA (British Airways) staff he represents that he wanted the board to intervene over the airline's plans for reorganization to avert a four-day strike on March 27.

2, His call came as the union claimed heavy disturbances to services during the three-day strike which began midnight Friday, despite BA claims that a better-than-expected consequences by cabin crew had allowed them to offer a good service. "Today, I will be appealing to British Airways at board level to take matters on hand and restart negotiations to reach an agreement which would allow the strike scheduled for next weekend to be averted and put your airline on the road to recovery," Woodley wrote.

3, "The operation is conducting very well, in fact we're doing better than expected," the airline's CEO Willie Walsh said in a statement posted Saturday on its Web site. "We're carrying all of the customers who we had promised to fly today. So I'm really pleased the contingency plans have worked, in fact they've worked better than I thought."




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    1.倫敦,英國(有線電視新聞網) - 頭工會的罷工呼籲英國航空公司機艙服務員說,週日,他呼籲該航空公司的董事會重開談判,以防止進一步停工的工業行動進入第二天。團結工會的首席托尼伍德利說,在信中百分之九十五的15,000文學士(英國航空公司)的工作人員,他表示,他希望董事會進行干預,對航空公司的重組計劃,以避免為期四天的罷工於 3月27日。

    2.,他的呼籲的背景是該聯盟聲稱沉重的干擾,服務在為期 3天的罷工 1日午夜開始,英航稱,儘管好於預期的後果機艙服務員,使它們能提供良好的服務。 “今天,我將呼籲英國航空公司在董事會一級事情的手頭並重新啟動談判,以達成一項協議,允許罷工定於下週末要避免,把你的航空公司在復甦的道路,”伍德利說

    3.3,“行動正進行得很好,其實我們正在做的好於預期”,該航空公司首席執行官威利沃爾什在一份聲明中說,今天公佈在其網站上。 “我們進行的所有客戶,我們答應誰飛今天。所以我真的很高興的應變計劃工作,其實他們已經工作比我想像中更好。”


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