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Strategies for Transitioning from Analog to Digital Mammography

A hybrid viewing environment negatively impacts radiologist efficiency and productivity, partly due to the incompatible optimal luminance and illuminance levels for each. Two possible scenarios for the transition include digitizing film or printing film from the digital system.

1. Digitizing previous mammograms for comparison on softcopy display:

a. Practical limitations of film digitizers include (1) less accurate digitization of high-optical-density areas on the film, usually greater than 3.5 OD due to low transmitted signals; (2) a small sampling pitch less than 50 microns that produces too large of a data set and may introduce too much film/grain noise, (3) a larger sampling pitch greater than 100 microns that attenuates details in the film by spatial averaging. Film digitizers specifically engineered for mammography film digitization are recommended; they should be used in a manner that provides adequate spatial and contrast resolution for comparison (not primary interpretation) purposes.

b. Digitized film mammograms should have a DICOM Information Object descriptor compatible with dedicated digital mamm-ography workstations.

c. Image appearance should be similar to that of inherently acquired digital mammograms, requiring conversion and contrast enhance-ment algorithms achieved by knowledge of the characteristic response of the film, the acquisition device, and the image processing algorithms.

2. Initially printing film for all digital mammograms and using a lightbox for evaluation and comparison of analog and digital mammograms:

a. Printer should have resolution equal to or better than the corresponding resolution of digital mammograms.

b. Process should continue for at least one year to have a minimum of two digital comparisons.

c. Negative impact on workflow and efficiency should be considered.

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    A雜種觀察環境消極地衝擊放射學家效率和生產力,部分由於不相容的優選的光亮和光照度水平為其中每一。 二個可能的情景為轉折包括數字化影片或印片用膠片從數字系統。

    1. 數字化早先乳房X線照片為比較在softcopy顯示:

    a. 影片數字化器的實用局限在影片包括(1)較不高光學密度區域,通常大於3.5 OD的準確數字化由於低被傳送的信號; (2)生產太大數據集,并且也許介紹許多影片或五穀噪聲的小採樣瀝青少於50微米, (3)更大的通過空間平均在影片變稀細節的採樣瀝青大於100微米。 推薦為早期胸部腫瘤Ⅹ射線測定法影片數字化具體地設計的影片數字化器; 應該有些使用他們(為比較的不主要解釋)目的提供充分空間和對比決議。

    b. 被數字化的影片乳房X線照片應該有DICOM信息對象形容標誌與熱忱的數字式早期胸部腫瘤Ⅹ射線測定法工作站兼容。

    c. 圖像出現應該是相似的於那固有地獲取的數字式乳房X線照片,要求轉換和對比影片的典型反應的知識達到的改進算法,承購設備和圖像處理的算法。

    2. 最初印片用膠片為所有數字式乳房X線照片和使用lightbox為模式和數字式乳房X線照片評估和比較:

    a. 打印機比數字式乳房X線照片的對應的決議應該有決議相等對或改善。

    b. 過程應該繼續至少一年有最小限度於二數字式比較。

    c. 應該考慮對工作流和效率的負面地影響

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    Transitioning的戰略從從模擬式到數字式的早期胸部腫瘤Ⅹ射線測定法 一個雜種觀察環境消極地衝擊放射學家效率和生產力,部分由于其中每一的不相容的優選的光亮和光照度水平。 轉折的二個可能的情景包括數字化影片或從数字系统的打印影片。 1. 數字化比較的早先乳房X線照片在softcopy顯示: a. 影片數字化器的實用局限包括(1)较不高光學密度區域,通常很大地比3.5 OD的準確數字化在影片的由于低被傳送的信號; (2)小採樣瀝青生產太大数据集,並且也許介绍許多影片或五穀噪聲的少于50微米, (3)更大的通过空間平均變稀在影片的細節的採樣瀝青了不起的比100微米。 建议使用為早期胸部腫瘤Ⅹ射線測定法影片數字化明確地設計的影片數字化器; 應該有些使用他們(為比較的不主要解釋)目的提供充分空間和對比決議。 b. 被數字化的影片乳房X線照片應該有DICOM信息對象描述符与熱忱的數字式早期胸部腫瘤Ⅹ射線測定法工作站兼容。 c. 圖像出現應該类似那本質上地獲取的數字式乳房X線照片,要求轉換和對比影片的典型反應的知識達到的改進算法,承購設備和圖像處理算法。 2. 最初打印影片為所有數字式乳房X線照片和使用lightbox模式和數字式乳房X線照片評估和比較的: a. 打印機應該有決議等於或好於數字式乳房X線照片的對應的決議。 b. 過程應該继续至少一年有至少二數字式比較。 c. 應該考慮對工作流和效率的消極衝擊。