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誰可以給我Sacred lie的歌詞?







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    My conviction is stronger today今天我更深信不疑了

    As I fight to uncover your sacred lie當我一路奮戰想要揭開你神聖謊言的面具時

    And the fear isn't going away我的恐懼從未消失

    As the soldiers still die士兵們仍不斷地死去

    Let your followers know their lives have been sold讓你的跟隨者知道 他們的命已經被賣掉了

    For the good of your sacred lie為了你撒的神聖謊言

    For the truth to be told為了真相能夠被說出來

    And the plan to unfold計劃正在一步步開始

    We must start asking why我們一定要問出原因

    *Don't you know the war is far from over now你難道不知道 戰爭是不會結束

    What a stumbling block we've fallen over now我們已經遇到障礙了

    As our brothers die defending no one當我們的弟兄無辜地喪命

    The war is far from over now戰爭是不會結束

    *Liberation, a moral charade釋放 是一個道德的猜字遊戲

    For the cause is a part of your sacred lie要付出的代價是你那神聖的謊言

    Damnation a moment away in all the world's eyes世人都在看 你離地獄只有一步之距

    It's the doom of us all這是我們全部人的命運

    We give in to control for the sake of your sacred lie我們讓步 不再掌控 全都為了你神聖的謊言

    Complications abound複雜的一切

    You'll get used to the sound of alarms in your life你會慢慢習慣你週遭的警報聲

    Don't you know the war is far from over now你難道不知道 戰爭是不會結束重複

    *Give us a moment of peace in our lifetime [x7]

    在我們的一生中 就給我們一分鐘短暫的和平吧

    Give us a moment of peace right now現在 就給我們一分鐘短暫的和平吧