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W.C 意為「廁所」的由來? 為甚麼過去有許多公廁都表示W.

W.C 意為「廁所」的由來? 我查過字典這是英式英語所用的詞彙

>>Water Clost

但由來呢? 為甚麼過去有許多公廁都表示W.C呢?

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    W.C. 是早期對廁所的稱呼.

    當初的浴室只是指裝有一個浴缸的房間,與廁所是分開的.約西元1800年末期發明室內抽水馬桶後大家把早期衣櫃改裝成廁所.那時的廁所也做成適合裝在衣櫃空間內的尺寸.所以那時就開始把廁所稱為Water Closet (W.C.).

    Water Closet這個名稱今日還是有很多地方還在使用.但是通常都指馬桶再加其他衛浴設備-如:洗臉盆或浴缸.衛浴設備廠商通常用"Water Closet"這個稱呼與男用小便斗(Urinal)來分開.美國衛浴設備還是繼續使用"Water Closet" 或 "WC"來稱呼廁所.

    很多南美洲國家把廁所稱呼為"Water(水)"而已(目前所有西班牙字典都查得到這個稱呼).它也是從英文的Water Closet演變出來的.在法文裡的"aller aux waters(去水間)"的用詞也是從Water Closet演變出來的.

    在德國與荷蘭連新建房屋的廁所還是與浴室分開的且稱呼"WC".比利時的荷語系法蘭德地區 (Flanders)甚至法語系的瓦羅尼亞地區(Wallonia)"WC"還是廁所的另一個常用稱呼.

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    roujenho大大講的應該沒錯.Water Closet是英式英文.我在東南亞住過很久.東南亞大部份國家被英國統治過.廁所的標誌大部份都用"WC"或"W.C."來標示.但在美國只看過"Toilet".

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    Usually British, although it's also used in other countries. Trains all over Europe have their restrooms labeled with the letters "W.C." or "WC."

    Many Americans know this term, but it is not very common in America.

    It stands for "Water Closet," which is what in America means "toilet."

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    The British term "water-closet" was an early term for a room with a toilet. The term "water closet" was probably adapted because in the late 1800s, with the advent of indoor plumbing, a toilet displaced an early clothes closet, closets being shaped to easily accommodate the spatial needs of a commode. The term "water closet" is still used today in some places, but it often refers to a room that has both a toilet and other plumbing fixtures such as a sink or a bathtub. Plumbing manufacturers often use the term "water-closet" to differentiate toilets from urinals. American plumbing codes still refer to a toilet as a "Water Closet" or a "WC". Many South American countries refer to a toilet as a "Water"(derives from the British term "water closet") which is now a term commonly found in Spanish dictionaries. In French the expression "aller aux waters" ("to go to the waters", derives from the British term "water closet") has now become obsolete.

    In Germany and the Netherlands (due to the bowl design (above)) the toilet is still kept in a separate room known as the "WC" even in newly built residences. In the Dutch-speaking part (Flanders) as well as the French-speaking part of Belgium (Wallonia), "WC" is a frequently used synonym for "toilet".

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    Water Closet 恐怕是英式英文吧。我在美國有沒有看過WC的標示。電視上也沒有看過。

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    哇,今天上了一課廁所翻譯歷史學,真是茅廁頓開...I mean 茅塞頓開。


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    WC’是美式英語用法﹐全稱是”WATER CLOSET”確切地說是指住宅衛生間﹔英式英語根本就沒有‘WC’這個說法。記者查閱了上海譯文出版社的《新英漢詞典》﹐“廁所”的英文翻譯分別是“WATER CLOSET”﹑“TOILET”﹑“WASHROOM”﹑“LAVATORY”﹑“STOOL”﹐正式場合一般用“TOILET”指公共廁所。

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