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幫我翻譯一小段文章 <20點>


當時,美國有一名煙捲製造商馬文 史東,從煙捲中得到靈感,製造了一支紙吸管。試飲之下,既不會斷裂,也沒有怪味。從此,人們不只在喝淡香酒時使用吸管,喝其他冰涼飲料時,也喜歡使用紙吸管。


請幫我把它翻成英文 謝謝 !!!!!!!!





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可不可以別用google的翻譯機阿 = =a

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    Americans liked to enjoy cold alcoholic drinks in the 19 century.

    They used the hollow straw to drink instead of drinking directly by their mouths.

    What they do so was because they want to protect the cold degree of wine from the warm of the mouth.

    However, the natural wheat stem is easy broken and its flavor can penetrate into wine.

    At that time, Marvin Stone, a cigarette manufacturer, invented a paper straw and his idea was from a cigarette.

    Be tried, the paper straw was not broken, and no odd taste generated.

    Therefore, people use it not only to drink wine but also to enjoy other cold beverages.

    Nevertheless, because of plastic developing, colorful plastic straws were substitute for paper ones.

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    The 19th century, Americans like to drink cold beer, in order to avoid the mouth of the hot air to reduce the wine of frozen fresh, so do not drink when you drink directly from the mouth, but to the natural hollow drinking straw to suck, but the natural straw easy to break, it taste of their own will penetrate the wine.

    At that time, the United States has a cigarette manufacturer Ma Cultural and Historical East, gained inspiration from a cigarette, creating a paper straw. Tasting, under neither broken nor funny smell. From then on, people not only in the use of straw to drink light Xiangjiu, drink the other cold drinks, we also prefer to use paper straws.

    After the invention of plastic, paper and straw have been replaced by colorful plastic straws.


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