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因為上課要用 可是我又看不太懂 麻煩幫我翻中文謝謝:)

The contents of marketing message themselves, however, show the simple-mindedness of that explanation. Classified ads and yellow page telephone directories would suffer if advertising were only about telling people who already want something where to get it and what it costs. Rather, advertising is intended to expand the pool of desires, awakening wants that would lie dormant otherwise—or, as critics say, manufacturing wants that would not otherwise exist.


If that rather pointed metaphor is apt, we are left with the sticky problem doctors face in treating any parasite: finding a medicine and a dosage that will kill the worm without poisoning the patient. How can we restrain the excesses of advertising without resorting to poisonous state censorship or curtailing the flow of information in society? Actions that are too heavy-handed, for example, could bankrupt the free—but advertising-dependent—press.

主要是第一篇拉 但有空的人可以幫我翻一下下頁的 謝謝:)

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    然而,行銷文宣的內容本身呈現出最簡單直接的(商品)解釋.若廣告只是告訴那些己想購買的人們,哪裡去買?要多少錢? 那分類廣告頁與(黃頁簿)電話本也就不需存在了.相反地,廣告是試圖擴展人們的慾望,喚醒沉睡的需求,否則就如批評者說的:反而,製造不存在的需求

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