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    1: What have you been busy for lately? anything special to share?

    2:Please recall or resend mail when you are convenient.

    3:You look tired? Is it for work or just bad sleep last night?

    4:What do you usually do for your leisure time? What is your favorate dish?

    Would you like Chinese,Japanese,French or American style?

    5:Do you usually have your dinner outside or at home? Can you cook yourself? What is your best dish?

    6:What time are you approximately off work? What do you do in your company?

    7:What goods is for sell or what product is your company manufacturing? How long have you stayed in this company?

    8:You look energetic today. You have special talent at picking your clothes

    9:Have you gone abroad lately? or gone domestic scenery spot for relaxing?

    10:Have often do you have physical check? Do you work out or play any ball?

    11:Who did you vote at last presidential election? What do you think about A-bien's shameless criminal?

    12:Do you agree or object to abolishing death penalty?

    13:Taiwan's young generation are pathetic, not giving birth in the right time

    14:Taiwan could be less and less competitive

    15:Taiwan's hardworking turns out nothing, for conflicts of political parties and focusing on province identification of DPP

    16:What do you want for Your Mr./Mrs right? Could you talk about your previous relationship?

    17:What do you want to know? I can respond to any question.

    18:I work in Da-An district and work in Hsin-Dien. How about you?

    19:Do you use MSN or sending message on cell phone?

    20:My girlfriend and I broke up due to different personality and value.

    21:It is difficult to find a lover who can communicate well.

    22:I would rather have no lover than a lover who never fits me

    23:Where will you meet tomorrow? When is convenient for you of an appointment?

    24:Happy birthday. Wish you good health and dream comes true

    25:Please be on time! I hate someone with bad thinkings in his mind

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  • 1 0 年前

    1.What are you busy recently? What special things can be shared?

    2.At a convenient time please call back or to return to newsletter

    3.You look tired? Work is still very tired today, slept well last night?

    4.You usually have to do leisure activities? What is like to eat vegetables? Chinese Japanese French or American?

    5.You usually have to go home for dinner or out to eat? You will do your cooking? What is your signature dish?

    6 Most of you have a few to work? What is the company is responsible for business?

    7 What your company is to sell or manufacture any products? You work in this company how long?

    8, today you look very spirit of the great taste of your dress

    9 Recently, to play abroad do? Or go to other domestic scenic relax?

    10 How often do you have a health check? Do you have in sports or play with me?

    11 Who is the last presidential election, you voted? You Chen Shui-bian's corruption and shameless view?

    12 Do you agree or oppose the abolition of the death-type?

    13 This generation of young people in Taiwan is very sad, untimely

    14 Taiwan in the future less and less competitive

    15 in Taiwan because the party and the opposition were engaged in fierce battles provincial breakdown of the idling for 10 years

    16, the other half of your mind what the conditions? You can chat about the feelings of the previous paragraph?

    17 Do you want to know what? My Insider

    18 I live in Da-an District in the store working you?

    19 Do you have msn or mobile phone using SMS do?

    20 My ex-girlfriend because of incompatible personalities, and values, different separation

    21 to talk about the past to find the other half is difficult to

    22 I choose the other half is the abuse of temporary lack of E

    23 We are about where to meet tomorrow? About a few convenient for you?

    24 Health Yue happy, I wish you good health and all wishes come true

    25 requests on time to meet this woman! I hate people who re-brains


    我大概看過了! 應該都對吧~


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