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嬰兒一哭起來真不得了,常常連大人都束手無策,不過這隻哈士奇超有本事,竟然會哄小孩,讓小 BABY不再哭泣。

搖籃裡的小嬰兒放聲大哭,但爸爸媽媽似乎不在身邊,該如何是好呢?還好有這隻哈士奇,擔任起褓姆角色,發出一陣陣的犬鳴 (吹狗螺),小娃兒馬上停止哭泣。


《今日美國》(USA TODAY)也舉辦網路投票「你認為狗真的哄了這位嬰兒嗎?」至24日止有88%的人認為「當然!」但有12%網友覺得,小BABY可能只是傻眼了 吧……。


以上是篇新聞報導 我需要各位英文翻譯高手 翻譯.... 謝謝!!!

PS: 請勿用任何翻譯網站或是電子辭典!!!

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    Month-old boy mauled by family's dog in NY

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    BLOOMING GROVE, N.Y. (AP) — Authorities are exploring why a Hudson Valley family's husky mauled a month-old boy when he started to cry.

    Orange County health commissioner Jean Hudson said Monday that the boy remains hospitalized with "significant bites" to his abdomen after the incident last week in Blooming Grove.

    Hudson says the family told her the dog had never been aggressive toward children and perhaps was trying to help the infant. The child's mother had stepped away briefly to heat up a baby bottle.

    The dog has been confined and is to be examined by an animal behaviorist. Police and an animal control officer are investigating.