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    The research of industrial ownership in Asian courntries indicates the rate of hamily-owned industries is pretty high, which also revels a common phenomenon of centralizing ownership in Asian courntries.

    industrial ownership = 企業所有權

    family-owned = 家族經營

    common phenomenon = 普遍的現象

    Hope the info is useful to you.

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    hamily-owned 應改成 family-owned

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    Enters the research in view of Asian country's company property rights characteristic, also discovered the Family firm has the company occupies compared to very high, this demonstration property rights centralized phenomenon also generally has the Asian country

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    For Asian countries to conduct studies on corporate ownership properties, also found that family businesses held by the company's share ratio is very high, this shows the phenomenon of concentration of ownership is also widespread in Asia

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    Carry on research to the company ownership characteristic of the Asian countries, finding the company held of family firm very high in proportion too, Asian countries generally exist too in this phenomenon showing ownership and concentrating