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英翻中 一則 Google 相關新聞


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  • 秀珍
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    Google執行長,在義大利,因為一段由其網站提供的自閉兒遭欺凌之影片被判有罪. Google律師認為公司已在義大利警方正式通知有此影片後,三小時內把該影片移除了. 但檢察官則認為那影片放在最多人觀看之影片的清單上頭,而且已被爭論很久了. 法官最後免除了Google的毀謗中傷罪,但對於其它控訴仍成立.Google爭辯這是侵害自由的基本原則,而檢察官則相當滿意,並認為對個人權益的保護必須要在公司利益之上.

    Google executives are convicted in Italy because a video of a child with austim who was shown being bullied posed on its site. Google's lawyers said the company had taken the video off the site within three hours of being formally notified by the Italian police. But the prosecution argued that it had shot to the top of the most-viewed list and been a subject of heated controversy long.

    The judge, Oscar Magi finally dismissed the libel accusations but upheld the other charges. Google argues it is an attack on the fundamental principles of freedom on which the internet was built but prosecutors are very satisfied and thought the protection of human beings which must prevail over coporate interest.

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