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英文作文範例-What Makes a Good Frien

誰能幫幫我想 what makes a good friend


還要有 中文a.開場白







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    Being a good friend is not just about having a good time with others, it's also about how willing you are to put your friends first or point out when they're doing something you don't agree with. Have a read through the following checklist and see how good a friend you really are.

    Are you a good listener?

    Part of being a good friend is about being willing to listen rather than just talk. This takes time and effort but if you can make time just to listen to others and respect what they have to say, then it's a sign of a good friend.

    Are you approachable?

    Do your friends often turn to you first to share a problem or seek help? Are you willing to make yourself available to friends at short notice and welcome them if they turn up at your door?

    Are you trustworthy?

    If a friend tells you something personal are you good at keeping it in confidence, or do you go and tell everyone at the first opportunity? People need to know that they can trust a friends with important information and you will only store up trouble for yourself if you are seen as unreliable. A good friend is both trustworthy and reliable.

    Do you avoid gossiping about others?

    This is one of the biggest signs of a good friend and really does stand out. Do you avoid speaking badly about others or spreading rumors in order to hurt them? Do you defend friends when you hear others gossiping about them? If you avoid gossiping others will notice how different you are and soon realize what a truly good friend you are.

    Are you selfless rather than selfish?

    Do you put your friends needs above your own? Do you try to find a compromise if you can't agree with a friend? Are you willing to do something your friend wants to do for a change rather than forcing them to do what you want? If you are willing to put your friends first in most things then this is a sign of a good friend.

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