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what is a signature speech

what is a signature speech

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    Your Signature Speech is a persuasive presentation you prepare to market your business to a live audience filled with your ideal target market.

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    1. Is the Signature Speech the same as an elevator speech or resource box at the bottom of an article?

    Answer. Nope. It's MUCH longer and although it's technically a persuasive speech, it's not "salesy" at all. Provide lots of useful information that your audience can apply right away. Tell folks what, why, and how.

    2. How long should my Signature Speech be?

    Answer: You need a speech that is about 35-40 minutes long. From there you can add or take away some info to meet the time requirements of most groups. Some will invite you to speak for as little as 20 minutes while others will want you to speak for up to an hour.