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寶貝 發問時間: 社會與文化語言 · 1 0 年前


可以幫我把下列單字翻出~中文.詞性.例句嗎? 例句不要太難的~並翻出中文~謝謝

1. cuisines

2. cuttlefish

3. accessories

4. necessities

5. conveniently

6. popularity

7. entertainment

8. dumping

9. tempting array

10. snacks

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  • Audrey
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    1 0 年前

    1. cuisines (noun) 美食

    After trying all the different cuisines, I find myself still crazy about Chinese food most. 在試吃這麼多不同美食之後,我發覺自己仍然最喜歚中國菜﹗

    2. cuttlefish (noun) 烏賊、墨魚

    Is that cuttlefish fresh caught today? 請問這烏賊是今天新鮮捕來的嗎?

    3. accessories (noun) 配件

    This purse comes with two pieces of accessories, including a compact mirror and a comb. 這個包有兩個配件,包含一個小鏡子及一個梳子。

    4. necessities (noun) 必需品

    Bottled mineral water has become part of her daily necessities. 瓶裝礦泉水已經成為她的每日必需品。

    5. conveniently (adv.) 方便的

    The little shoplifter conveniently put several pieces of underwear into her bag. 那個扒手方便的將好幾件內衣放入她的袋中。

    6. popularity (noun) 人氣、知名度

    To run for an election, one must have significant popularity. 要參與選舉,一個人必定要有強烈的人氣﹗

    7. entertainment (noun) 娛樂

    We will provide entertainment of music and magic shows. 我們會提供音樂及魔術等娛興節目。

    8. dumping (V+ing, noun, adj) 丟棄、拋售

    Please no dumping trash here! 請勿丟棄垃圾在此﹗

    Once the stock reached certain price, they start dumping all their shares. 一旦那股票到達一個價數,他們開始有系統的抛售自己的股份。

    9. tempting array (noun) 誘人的陣仗

    They put out such tempting array of delicious desserts at the buffet table. 他們在自助餐桌上展現出整排多麼誘人的甜點。

    10. snacks (noun) 點心

    We should prepare both asian and western snacks for our guests. 我們應該準備東、西方各種點心以供貴賓食用。

    參考資料: Audrey Lee
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  • 1 0 年前

    1.cuisine 烹飪 名詞

    Aunt Lee teaches me cuisine.


    2.cuttlefish 烏賊 名詞

    Cuttlefish is the creature in the ocean.


    3.accessory 附件 名詞

    A radio is an accessory to a car.


    4.necessity 必要性 名詞

    She felt the necessity of accepting the invitation.


    5.conveniently 方便地 副詞

    My house is conveniently near the bus-stop.


    6.popularity 流行 名詞

    Golf has gained popularity among the wealthy in my country.


    7.entertainment 娛樂 名詞

    This law applies to all places of public entertainment.


    8.dumping 傾倒 名詞

    My house is nearby a dumping ground.


    9.tempting array 吸引人的打扮 形容詞

    The lady dresses in a tempting array suit.


    10.snack 點心 名詞

    He ate a snack before resuming work.


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