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    A lot of people all like to buy famous brand, some people because pay attention to tasty and quality, feel expensive have assurance, the feeling can be used more than a decade, some personages of another someone because that product is very expensive, can show off oneself to have much of money to buy rise

    , Let the person all envy him to let the person misunderstand, probably his pocket is all empty and all take all money to buy famous brand.

    I feel more hateful BE, the root isn't to do just feel that the product is very expensive to is a famous brand to buy through brain thinking,

    May it is only 12 times used by you then is been garbage to cast away a side, the famous brand represents a good usage not necessarily.

    If is me, I can't the thing paying attention to too much to nearby use isn't a famous brand, but will compare to pay attention to to some parts, is like personal article, shoes and skin care products etc., but buy these to win the thing of costliness, I am still an iterative thinking, don't buy will let oneself regret of merchandise.


    這網站很好用唷!! ^^

    參考資料: 一起學英文進步吧!!
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  • 1 0 年前

    Many people like buying the name brand, some people are because pays great attention to savor with the quality, thought that is expensive has the guarantee, felt that may use above ten year, moreover some people of public figures, because that product is very expensive, may dazzle 燿 to be able to afford very richly, lets the human envy him to be misleading, perhaps his pocket empty, richly takes away buys the name brand. I thought what is more hateful, did not ponder after the cerebrum, is only thought the product is very expensive is the name brand buys, it only will be used possibly by you 1-2 times then by, when trash will lose in the one side, the name brand will not necessarily represent the use. If is I, I too will not pay great attention the use the thing will be the name brand, but will compare to certain parts pays great attention, will be likely next to the skin goods, shoe and maintenance and so on, but will buy in these the high price thing, I repeated ponder, do not buy the commodity which will let itself regret.

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