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題目: What do you do to reduce your stress? (怎麼減輕你的壓力)

例如 A: ..............

B: .............

C: .........................等


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    A: hey, how's it goin?

    B: oh.. the history report drives me crazy! i went to every library in the town,

    and i found no imformation i can adopt! what's the worse, Ms.Bighair said that if anyone doesn't hand out the report next monday , she will flunk him!

    what should i do???(crying out)

    A: well...,you are a dead man! haha..poor you..

    C(to B): oh,can you just shut up?!

    C(to A): you are getting too nervouse, it's not so grave! Ms.Bighair is just

    scaring you. you should find some ways to release your stress.


    C: you can take some deep breath,it will let you calm down. listening to music

    is also a good choise.

    B:.hmm...beating people is not bad,either!

    C(to B):you just get away!

    C(toA): or you can do some exercise,your brain will produce endorphins when you are exercising, that will make you feel better.

    A: well, i'll try it! ...hey,thanx.

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    A:Reads or goes out goes for a walk in the countryside at the qingming festival

    B:I am treat in the home play computer relaxation mood ~

    C:Looks like your method to be very good! I thought that I may try to look

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