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    Alien attack to steal sheep meat stripping experiment

    〔International Press Centre / roundup〕 UFO experts alarmed declared: aliens attacking our sheep!

    England Wales sheep people, has died suddenly awoke to find the nameless herd, but also left "to be experimented with" signs. Set up a special team to probe the tragic death of sheep mutilation hoax of the UFO experts, that this matter is now with the Prince of mysterious orange light suddenly the sky has a close relationship.

    A large number of sheep was brutally cut eye and brain events dig took place in Wales border Shi Luo Pu county. Sheep people claim, see sheep being sent clear UFO light "laser" after inexplicably lying dead on the ranch. These sheep not only the mysterious die-off, also Sizhuang miserable, and some holes in the brain, and some internal organs were removed, there eyes were cut out, or meat to be "carefully cut off" case.

    UFO launching orange light

    Spent nearly 10 years of observation of the mystery of the death of livestock Horry said the UFO had Shi Luo Pu and Powys County between an area 80 km long wandering, he and "animal pathology field organization," the 15 members, all announced last month at midnight, and they had spare time, in Ladenuoer near the forest witnessed UFO, also see the spheroid Huddled against a flock of sheep in the hills light orange-red light.

    Horry said: "herd of technology is very scary, these light and the ball is obviously not our technology, it is not here, who create the technology and wisdom. There are so instant, that picture looks like in Star Wars war scene. "

    Horry said: "We are his life, are committed to exploring the phenomenon of animal mutilation mystery, is also investigating this phenomenon more and more people see the orange-red light with or without associated communications."

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    British Wells's raise sheep others, the establishment expert panel investigate the flock of sheep to cut off limb the tragic death misgivings to float the expert quiet, thought that this matter appears suddenly the mystical tangerine light with the Wells horizon, has the inseparable relations. Large quantities of flocks of sheep suffer shear the eye with to dig brain's event, occurs in Wells boundary assorted Luo Pujun. The raise sheep others declaration, witnessed that the flock of sheep is floated quiet the unclear optical fiber which sends out “the laser” from now on, the inexplicable horizontal corpse pasture. These sheep only not only mystically die a violent death, but also the dead shape is pitiful, some cerebrum crack, some internal organs suffer the excision, but also has the eye to exhaust perhaps the meat quilt “cuts cautiously” the case. Spent riddle of near 10 year observation domestic animal death Dutch advantage to indicate that floated quiet once in 80 kilometer long region loafs together between assorted Luo Pujun and Powys, he with “animal pathology field organization” 15 members, declared last month midnight, they once when work, saw with own eyes nearby the rad lake forest has floated quiet, but also saw these spheroidites treated are cowering to shine the tangerine optical fiber on the massif flock of sheep. The Dutch advantage disclosed: “the attack flock of sheep's science and technology is very dreadful, these optical fibers and the spheroid our science and technology, that is not by no means obviously the science and technology which and the wisdom here person makes. Has that the flash, that picture looks like is likely in the interspace war's war scene.”The Dutch advantage indicated: “our its life, is devoting to study the animal finally to cut off limb mystically the phenomenon, also whether there is investigating this kind of phenomenon to notify the visible tangerine optical fiber with more and more people to be connected.”

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    Aliens attacking sheep in the UK


    ALIENS are attacking our SHEEP, UFO experts chillingly claimed yesterday.

    Fuming farmers have been waking up to find animals dead after seemingly being "experimented on".

    UFO hunters who set up a special team to investigate are linking the mutilations - including the removal of sheep brains and eyes - to sightings of mysterious reddish orange lights in the sky.

    After staging a dramatic stake-out they claim to have even WITNESSED unsuspecting sheep being zapped by two of the spheres.

    Phil Hoyle, 53, who has spent nine years probing the riddle of livestock found killed, said of the night-time spectacle last month: "For a short while it looked more like a Star Wars battle."

    Next day he interviewed farmers and "all but one had had some type of unusual disappearance of animals or deaths with strange injuries".

    Phil - co-founder of a group calling itself the Animal Pathology Field Unit - is convinced the culprits come from another wool-d.

    The retired steelworker, who lives near Shrewsbury, Shrops, said: "Animals are being clinically and surgically sampled by a highly advanced technology."

    He and members of his 15-strong team saw the UFOs at work as they spent a night at a Welsh hill farm monitoring the skies around the Radnor Forest.

    The spheres not only fired mysterious rays but sent out smaller versions of themselves, which he believes performed the grisly experiments.

    He said: "The technology involved in these attacks is frightening. These lights and spheres are clearly not ours.

    "They are built by technology and intelligence that's not from here."

    Phil said the UFOs like to roam a specific 50-mile "corridor" between Shrewsbury and Powys.

    But Dartmoor and the Forest of Dean in Gloucestershire are other hunting grounds.

    Sheep have been found with neat holes and their brains and other internal organs removed.

    Others have lost eyes or had their flesh carefully stripped away, usually on the left side.

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    Phil said of his team: "We've devoted our lives to carrying out serious research into the animal mutilation mystery and its connections to the increasingly reported sightings of red and orange spheres."

    參考資料: Latest from the Sun newspaper