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    Tony, Frank, Jamal they are very good friends, Tony is a person who seldom exercise, so he feels exhausted after a short distance running; Frank is an entrepreneurs who really cares about health. So he can talks on the phone without deep breathing while doing excercise. Jamal looks dismal because he just broke up with her girlfriend.

    Mark and Nancy are a newly married couple for three years, taking advantage of holidays to purchase their daily necessities, just run into big deals, so they bought a great many things, but Billy is clamoring to buy toys, Mark allowed him to buy So Nancy is very difficult to, and made everyone unhappy.

    Cooking Competition held today, only three players to enter the final, Pat was too nervous all the soup spilled out, Mike is also too proud, and the food cooked to a burnt, only Sue very attentive, because he got stabbed champion.

    參考資料: 網路+自己修改大部分第1段,2段3段我就懶的改了,網路翻的不是很好,就稍微自己改一下吧。