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arrvial and delivery 的用法

arrvial and delivery這兩個字的用法有什麼差別

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  • Andy H
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    由兩個字 便可看出差別

    ETD: estimated time of delivery 預計出貨時間

    ETA: estimated time of arrival 預計到貨時間

    依路程而定 出貨時間與到貨時間 有時候會差上一星期以上

    2010-04-12 18:01:44 補充:

    ETD stands for departure or delivery really depends on which occassion you use it for. For transportation industry is might be departure, however, when we use it in the trading business it's delivery. It's a known fact.

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    ETD是 estimated time of departure(不是delivery)

    這是固定化的專業術語, 不宜任意代用同字首的單字.

    回答者003用於說明無妨, 但別用縮寫的"ETD".

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    arrvial 抵達 

    ( arrival time) for international flights 國際航班的(抵達時間)

    delivery 投遞,運送

    (Goods Delivery) during Games Time 在遊戲比賽時的(貨物運送)