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Is there a more concise term or idiomatic usage to express a wild and intimidating way of wielding a jawbone like Samson?

As for the depiction of eloquence, I've recently consulted a book stated as 'a blessing in

disguise'. However, I did believe it is a misprint. Or is it really so?

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    I share your doubts about the book's interpretation of eloquence. Here are what I learned, for your reference:

    — 虎虎生風的同義字:Valiant (英勇的)

    — Eloquent 或是 Silver-tongued ==》滔滔不絕:

    el·o·quent (adj)

    1. Characterized by persuasive, powerful discourse: an eloquent speaker; an eloquent sermon.

    2. Vividly or movingly expressive: a look eloquent with compassion.