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    Get Well Wishes


    the skill of the doctors, the advancements in medicine, and your own

    personal strength all work together as an unbeatable team to get you well again.


    sorry that you have to endure this condition. Know that we are thinking

    of you and praying for a full recovery.

    Your courage and strength

    inspires me. Keep up the fight because you’re winning!

    I've been thinking about

    how much you mean to me and I want you to know I'm keeping you in my thoughts as you

    recover. I am here

    for you just like you've always been there for me.

    I hope that your day is filled with moments of

    happiness that keep your troubles at bay if only temporarily. I hope that as the days progress you notice these moments coming

    more often and lasting

    longer until they become one continuous strand of well being.

    Being sick isn’t easy but I

    hope it makes it easier knowing that others are thinking of you and

    sending well

    wishes your way.

    Hoping that with each new day brings more strength,

    brighter days, and bigger smiles. Get well soon.

    I’m sending you warm healing wishes. I hope you can

    feel that warmth and can imagine it traveling through your body ushering out all of the bad guys.


    just knowing that someone cares about you helps the healing

    process…then you should be feeling

    better already.Get Well Sayings

    Hope you're feeling much better

    soonHope each day

    finds you feeling more and more like your wonderful selfHappy Healing Take time,

    feel betterComfy jammies,

    cozy bed, big soft pillow...worry not.The world can

    wait. Take your time and recuperate.Like the sun

    that gently touches the face of every flower, God touches our lives with

    his care.Praying that

    you'll be blessed with tender care, needed rest and God's healing touch.

  • Lily
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    1 0 年前

    I am sorry to heard that your Father is not well and he is in the hospital for the treatment, I would like to wishing him a speeding recover and please take care!

    Your friend

    我很遺憾地聽說你父親生病,並在醫院治療,我祈望他盡快恢復健康和並請保 重!


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  • chen
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    Dear x x x

    . I know that your father is now to be in hospital for lying ill.

    . Your father's poor health get me feel much concerns like you.

    . I hope he makes a quick recovery and backs your home soon.

    . My famly joins me with best wishes for he returning a good health,

    . as usual.

    . Your sincerely

    . x x x

    . April 12, 2010

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    Hope your father feel better soon!


    from New York, USA

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    I sincerely hope that Mr. XXX will get better soon!


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