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    When the winter vacation started, I and my friends, ready to go around the island was. Around the island is our graduation from high school dreams, and we have many many dreams, around the island is one of them. We only spent one week in the preparation of information and provide accommodation and three friends each division of labor, so around the island plans to soon take shape. We are from Taichung train counter-clockwise travel. First stop, we came to Kaohsiung, as Kaohsiung we went to a lot of times, only the nightlife never experienced, so we went Ruifeng and Lio Ho Night Market, as well as love and Urban Spotlight, night in Kaohsiung, with and day different the United States. Next, we use the 2 days of the time, in the eastern part of play, less noise of the city, and wandering around in the fresh air of Hualien and Taitung, unknowingly to slow down, but the trip is in a hurry, we do not seriously have to enjoy flowers east of the United States. Over the east, we go directly to the north coast, to the nine mountain and ocean connected to form a beautiful picture, because that day, fluttering light rain, for the nine add an obscure U.S.. Travel really is in a hurry, we discard the Green Fields, directly to Chingjing farms, prairie, sheep, beautiful scenery, so we have photographed the most beautiful moments. Finally, I think we really have a lot of courage, three girls, using train, bus, motorcycle, travel, as well as B & B of the main people that admire our courage, for we have compromised, but also in order for us provincial costs, personally when the driver pick us. This journey is my best recollections.

    參考資料: 我自己~
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