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請告訴我歌名和演唱者 ^^ 謝謝

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    歌名:Fragile Heart



    If you want my heart

    You have to promise not to tear it apart

    'Cause my heart

    Has been hurt a lot

    And it always seems

    Love is not sweet, like in dreams

    Something falls through

    But I don't want that to happen to me and you


    So be

    Careful, warning

    Fragile heart

    Last Saturday

    We ate dinner at your parents' place

    Last Saturday, you said

    How you feel will not go away

    Well, all the fishes in the sea

    Could not be happier than me


    Only fools believe that

    Nothing changes, nothing leaves

    But I need to believe that we at least

    Will have some dignity

    'Cause everything changes

    Nothing stays the same

    But that's no excuse to be casual

    Or to place the blame

    You have to be careful with me