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    曲名: At the Bar

    演唱: Jutbox feat. Cassie

    專輯: (僅流傳於網路,未有專輯收錄資訊)




    Cuz I...


    Cuz I see you at the bar

    Tryna do it big like a superstar

    I see you peepin me and all of my friends

    We just tryna see whatcha tryna get in (2x)

    Go on wit it

    Hey little mama

    Do your thang

    Keep it poppin in the club, fo sho

    They call me Jut, please

    And you know I love to keep it thuggin

    Next to Muggy (?) while I'm at the bar

    I love a striptease

    Go on, let the booty money

    Make a saltshaker keep em runnin, fo sho

    On the floor, freeze

    Baby girl, drop it, keep it poppin

    Got a thug nigga ready to go

    I like em thick with them apple bottoms

    Slip and you know I got em

    All in a clutch, choppin it up

    Like a Benihana

    Call me Young Buck

    Cuz I'm pimpin with the freaky dollar

    Then I break her back to the room

    Make a trick-y holler

    Baby girl, whatcha wanna do?

    Let me specify

    Have a lover thug back

    Baby, let me get you high

    Get it to the door, passin Go

    Baby, bye bye

    Get it to the door, passin Go

    Baby, bye bye


    Do we (?)

    Really wanna get you straight flippin next to 50

    Bout to act a fool

    We in the club, man

    Doin what we doin

    When we doin how we doin

    Baby, do what you do

    I get you wet, hey

    All in the back-y wit the sack-y

    And some wacky bout to break you down

    You shakin ass, man

    Give it to me real raw

    Booty clap, baby

    Cuz I like the sound

    Let's take a trip to the Doubletree

    Baby girl, just you and me

    Y'all in the monkey givin it up

    Cuz its in the beat

    We can keep it poppin in the cut

    Girl, it's good with me

    Cuz I'm bout to bust a couple of nuts

    Maybe two or three

    If you won't skip

    Imma jump, Imma jump

    Said if you won't dip

    Imma bump, Imma bump

    Said if you like it real hot

    Imma let it in the sun

    If you wanna get it

    We can get it all night long




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